4 - 7 September 2019

Dear Sirs,

Company BUSINESS-FORMAT being an Organizer invites you to participate in the VII International conference «ANTI-FRAUD in DIGITAL ERA. GAME BY THE NEW RULES», which will take place on the 4th-7th September 2019, in Majestic Plaza Hotel Prague 4*, Czech Republic.

Taking part in conference would be useful for: Top Managers, Heads of Security Departments, Internal audit and control Department, Heads of anti-fraud departments, Antifraud-managers, members of vendor-companies, as well as those, who are interested in the topic of conference.

About the event: Life is racing fast . Digital transformation has touched all business branches, new technologies are progressing, new challenges appear, products change, as well as selling  and working with clients and partners methods. The future creates and changes every minute. But at the same time “digitization” creates new kinds of fraud too. Amount of risks, which companies and banks face with increases instantly. And the main goal of departments, responsible for  prevention, revealing and fighting fraud is to meet the challenges of time. That’s why, in this year’s focus there are questions, connected with learning new generation’s anti-fraud technologies. 

This year’s program includes:

Strategic Section: «Strategy of building the anti-fraud system in the rules of digital transformation»

Practical Section: «Practical aspects of the work of the internal audit and security services to prevent fraud»

Technological Section "Technologies for minimizing the risks of fraud and theft in business"

Master class: ""Building an effective security system and countering business fraud"

In the end you are going to participate in interactive blitz session in brainstorming format on the subject «10 principles  building an effective system to counter fraud in business in  DIGITAL ERA: components of success» 

Detailed information and on-line registration is on our site:

Organizer’s phone:  +38(056) 375-72-80 (-81,-82,-03), е-mail: 

We hope, that despite a tough business schedule, You  and your  colleagues will manage to personally participate  in this meaningful event in professional sphere! 

Yours respectfully, 

Organizers - Business-Format