1 - 4 June 2015

Dear Sirs,

Company Business-Format, being an Organizer, invites you and your colleagues to participate in the III International Conference "CUSTOMER SERVICE IN THE BANK: How to attract and retain customers?", to be held on 1-4 June, 2015 in NH Podium Hotel 4* in Barcelona (Spain).

 Who will be interested in visiting the Conference : Top- managers of banks , Directors of customer service, Retail business managers , Directors of sales and business development, vendors , as well as those who are interested in attracting and improving the quality of customer service.

 Briefly about the event. Client - is the foundation of the banking business. A satisfied customer - this is the best strategy for your business. According to statistics to attract a new customer is worth more than retain the existing one and every contact with customer affects whether return he to us or not. But in the time of economic uncertainty, competition and price wars in the financial market, loyal customers – are a "safety cushion" for your bank. In the era of impressions market leaders are those who provide customers with innovative solutions, high quality and speed of service, as well as offering new technologies and individual approach.

And the most important thing - customer service - this is not the department, it is the work of each of us!

At the conference we will try to find answers to the questions:

• How to create an effective system of customer service in the bank?

• How to assess the level of customer service in the bank, and what are the standards of service?

• How to ground the cost-effectiveness of improving the quality of service?

• How to motivate staff and improve its customer-orientation ?

• How to develop loyalty bank’s customers which loyalty program is successful?

• How to build an effective system of sales and sales channels which are most in demand today?

• • What innovative technology will help to improve the quality of service in the bank?

• How to deal with "problem" customer and whether the customer is always right?

 What  interesting is waiting for you at the conference this year:

  1. Interactive work in roundtables , discussions , exchange of experience and views with colleagues !
  2. You get access to the most reliable sources of professional information "first hand " as well as the possibility of direct dialogue with high-level speakers who will share with you my ideas and practical examples of successful work
  3. Rich program and a specially designed format of the Conference harmoniously combine intensive work of the delegates in the sections and the exchange of experiences during the focus groups , as well as informal activities in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe !

We hope that you and your colleagues will find the opportunity to participate in this memorable event, which will be a worthy event-2015 and allow you to establish new business contacts , expand your circle of partners and give the joy of fellowship with like-minded !

 Information and registration on-line on our website : www.business-format.com.ua.

Contact of Organizers: phone: +38 (056) 375-72-80 (-81 , -82 , -03 ), e -mail: office@business-format.com.ua

 Sincerely Yours,

Organizers - Business- Format