I International Conference «PRODUCT MANAGEMENT IN THE BANK»

6 - 9 September 2015


Company BUSINESS-FORMAT, invites you and your colleagues to participate in the I-th practical conference "Management of bank products: design, strategy and marketing", which will be held from 6 to 9 September 2015 in the hotel «President Hotel Prague» 5* - http://www.hotelpresident.cz/ru/ (Nám. Curieových 100, Prague 1, Czech Republic).

To participate in the conference are invited: The top management of the bank, as well as heads and specialists from the following divisions of the bank: management of strategic development, management of banking business processes, technologies, and standardization, marketing management, management methodology and project office, business units, Internal Control Department and operational risk, and as the head of department, who are involved in projects of engineering of banking products and improve the quality of customer service.

 Short event: In the context of rapidly developing financial markets and the volatility of the economic situation, the development of innovative banking products and management of banking products is one of the most important areas of the strategy of a modern bank. The main objectives of the engineering and management of banking products - an increase of the market share, increase the share of consumption, and increase the profitability of operations. To achieve these goals can only be achieved through systematic work, including analysis of customer needs, diagnosis of the existing product range and sales channels used. The Conference will enable participants to learn the basic aspects of managing the bank's product line, including the development of new products and services, as well as the sales organization and monitoring of the development of the product on the market.

Main themes and issues of the Conference this year:

  • Product Management and Strategy Bank. Managing product portfolio of the bank.
  • The history of competitive banking products and "tuning" tariff schemes.
  • Effective management of projects for the introduction of new banking products and services.
  • Organization of sales processes of financial products and services.
  • How to move from sales aimed at the product to sales aimed at the needs?
  • Management of customer loyalty. The modern model of a successful loyalty program 

These and many other issues that require joint discussion of the banking community will be identified and dealt with at the Conference. The format of the Conference this year also provides an interactive session, the results of which will be the key to the business processes that you can maximize the use of their work! Visit our conference, you will have access to professional information "first hand", as well as the possibility of a direct dialogue with high-level experts, who will share with you their successful practical experiences, ideas and opinions. 

More information about the program of the Forum you can right now on our website: www.business-format.com.uaIf you have questions, you can contact the organizers at tel. / Fax: +38 ( 056) 375-72-80 ( -81 , -82 , -03 ) or e -mail: office@business-format.com.ua.


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