17 - 20 September 2014

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

"Business - Format " (Ukraine), being Organizer, invites you to participate in the X Anniversary International Conference " Retail banking : how to increase sales ?", which will be held on 17-20 September 2014 in Rome, Italy.

 In 2014 the Conference will be attended by : Top managers of banks , Heads of retail business, Sales director , Heads of development and promotion of banking services , Directors of payment cards, leading experts of international payment systems, vendors, as well as those interested in issues of the Conference .

 Briefly about the event. The world is changeable. In recent years the situation has changed radically in the global financial markets. In a competitive environment, the struggle for private clients of banks has high requirements for banks in general and their development strategies in the retail banking business. But at all times the main value remains unchanged - CUSTOMER! Right now, when there are new technologies, new niches and opportunities in the market it's time to make a breakthrough and become a leader!

What do we talk about at the Conference? Of course, about success! About what banking products and services most in demand right now, which are the most effective sales channels and profitability of business, what methods of promotion of banking products give the best results , the bank 's image , marketing and advertising , how to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

That's why the key topic of the program of the 10th anniversary Conference is how to increase sales in the retail banking business! Experience, ideas and predictions from leading bankers how to preserve, stabilize and provide efficient growth on the retail banking market  are waiting for you!

What interesting is waiting for you at the Conference this year?

  1. "Avenue of Stars " - organizers are working on the invitation of the best speakers for the last 9 years of the conference !
  2. INTERACTIVE WORK AND DISCUSSIONS in focus groups on issues of creating an effective sales system in the bank
  3. MASTER CLASS "Promotion and sales in retail banking"
  4. You'll get access to professional information "first hand" as well as the possibility of direct dialogue with high-level experts who will share with you their successful practical experiences, ideas , opinions, and technology.
  5. Specially designed format of the Conference, harmoniously combining intensive work in sections and round tables and informal communication in one of the most beautiful cities in the world will allow you to meet old friends and make new colleagues and partners!

 It should be noted that visiting Conference "Retail banking: how to increase sales ?" in 2014 may be one of your best business decisions. Without a doubt, participating in our conference - the least expensive way to establish strong business contacts with representatives of the banking sector in CIS.

 Get more information about the program of the event and register as a participant of the Conference at our website: www.business-format.com.ua

If you have questions , you can contact the organizers at tel. / Fax: +38 ( 056) 375 - 72-80 ( 81,82,03 ) or by e -mail: office@business-format.com.ua

 We hope that you and your colleagues will find the opportunity to participate in the Conference !

Sincerely Yours,

Organizers of "Business- Format "