III International Conference «AUDIT OF BANK’s RISKS»

19 - 22 April 2015

Dear Sirs,

 Company Business-Format being an Organizer, invites you to participate in the III International Conference "AUDIT OF BANK’S RISKS", which to be held from 19 to 22 April 2015 at Hampshire Hotel – Amsterdam American 4* in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

 To participate in the Conference are invited: Top-managers of banks, Heads of internal audit and control of banks, Chief Risk Officer , Head of Compliance , international and national audit firms, as well as those who are interested in issues of the conference .

 Briefly about the event : Effective risk management in the bank is provided by an effective internal control system , the most important element of which is the internal audit. Its main mission is the promotion of the bank in achieving its goals through a comprehensive evaluation of internal control systems, risk management and control, providing recommendations to improve their effectiveness.

 The conference will consider the following issues:

• The role of internal audit in assessing the effectiveness of the Bank's risk management

• • Practical experience of audits in a risk-oriented model of internal audit

• How to estimate the financial effect of the Audit Department in the bank?

• Best practices in identifying and managing the bank's risk

• Basic principles of risk - based audit in the bank

• Evaluation of the real risk profile at the level of the bank, and  at the level of its units

• Identify and analyze the bottlenecks in the system of risk management and many others .....

 What interesting is waiting for you at the conference this year:

  1. Interactive work in roundtables , discussions , exchange of experience and views with colleagues !
  2. MASTER- CLASS “Presentation of banking information”
  3. Practical orientation of the conference guarantees useful and relevant information for the successful solution of issues related to the effective functioning of the audit , the construction of risk-based control and reduce the risks of the bank.

 Information and registration on-line on our website : www.business-format.com.ua.

Contact of Organizers: phones : +38 (056) 375-72-80 (-81 , -82 , -03 ),

e -mail: office@business-format.com.ua

 We hope that despite a busy business schedule , you and your colleagues will be able to personally participate in this traditionally important event in professional circles !

 Sincerely Yours,

Conference organizers - Business- Format