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BUSINESS-FORMAT invites you to take part in the annual international forum in the field of payment technologies and innovations PAYINN FEST. EVERYTHING ABOUT PAYMENTS, which will take place on June 1, 2022 in Kiev (Ukraine). FORMAT OFFLINE + ONLINE

Detailed information about the Forum

The forum is useful for: Top managers and executives responsible for the field of payment technologies, retail business, card business, integrators, service providers, mobile and postal operators, representatives of trade and service networks, e-commerce, money transfer systems, as well as everyone who interested in forum questions.

Briefly about the event. The payments industry, being one of the most dynamic sectors in the financial services industry, continues to evolve, fueled by technological and operational innovations from banks, payment players, FinTech. To maximize your advantage, the future of payments requires collaboration between payment brands, networks, financial institutions, merchants, processors, mobile wallet providers, and technologists.

PAYINN FEST forum is a marketplace where all payment solutions are presented on one platform. It is a unique industry platform created for a variety of organizations that innovate, deliver value with new solutions and services, and use these offerings to meet their business needs and interact with their customers.


  1. International experience. The main difference and advantage of our events is the opportunity for international experience with their colleagues from the CIS and Eastern Europe. Among our speakers, partners and participants, you will always meet your colleagues from different countries and learn about the best practices in the development of payment technologies
  2. Trend setting event. It is important for every business to meet with its colleagues, partners, customers and “synchronize watches” in order to understand in which direction to move to maximize acceleration in the development of new products and technologies.
  3. Sincere atmosphere and communication with like-minded people. The CLIENT is always at the head of each project, and we make every effort to ensure that our CLIENT receives the MAXIMUM BENEFIT from participation in the forum, which will ultimately lead to professional growth, the conclusion of new contracts and business development!

We hope that you and your colleagues will find the opportunity to take part in the Forum!

Organizers’ contacts: “Business-Format” call center +38 (056) 375-72-80 (81.82.03),,


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