With the support and participation of the ASSOCIATION OF BANKS OF UZBEKISTAN, on October 15, 2021, Tashkent will host the Eurasian International Forum “CASH CIRCULATION. TECHNOLOGIES – 2021 “

The Association of Banks of Uzbekistan was established on the initiative of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on July 28, 1995 at the first constituent Congress of Commercial Banks.

By its status, the Association of Banks is a voluntary association of commercial banks of the republic and is a non-profit, non-governmental organization created to protect the legitimate interests and rights of commercial banks in the country and provide them with comprehensive assistance. Today the Association unites 22 out of 30 commercial banks of the republic, the total assets of which are more than 90% of the assets of the entire banking community of the country.

Over the years of independence, the Association of Banks has established itself as an effective structure capable of implementing tasks, protecting the legal rights and interests of commercial banks, developing banking infrastructure and creating qualitatively new types of financial services, improving the professional level of banking personnel, improving banking legislation, combining the efforts of commercial banks in reforming and further liberalizing the banking system, strengthening public confidence in the banking community.

The Association of Banks has created a modern banking infrastructure that includes 11 companies capable of providing a full range of qualitatively new services in the financial market. Regional offices of the Association of Banks have been opened in a number of regions of the republic.

The main goal of the Association of Banks of Uzbekistan is to ensure that the country’s commercial banks achieve the level of international standards with the subsequent integration of the banking sector into the world banking system.

More detailed information on the website – https://uba.uz/ru/about/info/