On June 24, 2022, the international ONLINE Conference “DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION OF THE BANK’S BACK OFFICE. INNOVATIONS-2022″.

The conference was attended by Heads of specialized departments of banks and financial market participants from Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Armenia and Tajikistan.

  • COO of banks and financial companies
  • Heads of back-office banks
  • Directors of banking technologies and IT departments
  • Heads of optimization and business process management
  • Operations and Operational Risk Specialists
  • as well as multi-vendor companies in the field of automation and digitalization of banking business processes and operations.

In the program of the conference, presentations were made by:

Andrey ANDRIEVSKY – CEO of Sweet Money (Ukraine)

Olena LUKYANCHUK — Head of Operational Services Division Raiffaisen Bank Ukraine,

Yulia UKOLOVA – Head of Operational Efficiency at Raiffaisen Bank Ukraine,

Arkady VYGOVSKY — Head of Robotization and Machine Learning Office at Raiffaisen Bank Ukraine

Elena DMITRIEVA — First Deputy Chairman of the Board GLOBUS Bank (Ukraine)

Elena OGIENKO — Director of the Retail Business Support Department of JSC CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK

Irina ROMANENKO — Data Governance Expert, Senior Data Modeler, Erste Group AG (Austria)

Andrey MATVIYCHUK — Founder and General Director of INTELSOFT, Doctor of Economics, Professor, General Director of the KNEU Science Park, Editor-in-Chief of the journal “Neuro-Fuzzy Modeling Technologies in Economics”

Stanislav TURCHENKO — Senior Program and Portfolio Manager EPAM Systems (Poland)

Anton KOSTORNYCHENKO – Head of International Sales at UPC (Ukrainian Processing Center),

Igor ROMANIUK – Director of the Department of card issuance systems “UPC” (Ukrainian Processing Center)

Mikhail KOLTSOV – Head of Training and Development at YouControl, consultant of the World Bank in the field of cybersecurity and data analysis.

Oleksandr VERNIGORA — Director of Intecracy Deals, Head of the Committee on Information and Communication Technologies SUP (Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs)

The relevance of the event. The back office is the engine of any financial institution, and the control center for all banking operations, so for a complete and coherent banking system, it is important to properly configure back office technologies. Today, the current digitization initiatives in banks are primarily targeting the back office, because that is where the great untapped potential for cost reduction lies, which in times of low interest rates, increased competition and, not least, due to the effects of COVID- 19 is a relevant factor for all banks. Also, by investing in digital technologies and modernizing the back office, banks solve at least two more tasks: economic efficiency and financial sustainability. Therefore, now the digital transformation of the back office has become more relevant for all banks and in the near future they need to make their technologies more structured, reliable, efficient in order to meet the realities of the time, the requirements of the financial market and the rapidly changing needs of customers!

The indisputable advantage of the Conference was its practical orientation, an excellent opportunity to listen to high-level speakers and exchange experiences with representatives of the professional community of financiers!

See you again at Business-Format conferences!

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