November 4, 2022

About the event

On November 4, 2022, the Annual Forum of professionals in the field of cash circulation of Ukraine “UKRAINIAN CASH FORUM – 2022” took place in Kyiv!

This year, the Forum was attended by 100+ participants: representatives of the National Bank of Ukraine and commercial banks of Ukraine, CIT-Companies, as well as leading experts in the field of processing and regulation of large amounts of cash, developers and suppliers of technological and software solutions in the field of money circulation for banks.

Relevance of the event. It is already obvious that the year 2022 has become unprecedented for both business and the banking sector due to Russia’s treacherous military invasion of Ukraine on February 24! Therefore, this year, the forum held an open discussion with the participation of the National Bank of Ukraine and leading industry experts, who in a direct dialogue with the audience of the forum discussed the current situation on the financial market, as well as the prospects for the development of cash circulation in Ukraine, the problems of adapting financial institutions to changes in conditions waxy state. An exhibition of banking solutions and technologies in the field of Сash-management, Cash-processing and Сash-security was also held as part of the Forum.

In the program of the Forum-2022, the following gave presentations:
• ZAYVENKO Victor Petrovych – Director of the Money Circulation Department of the NATIONAL BANK OF UKRAINE,
• Nataliya KOSENKO – Deputy Chairman of the Board of JSC “PUMB”,
• Andriy KOSTENKO – Head of International Business Development, CIS markets “RENOME-SMART” Company (Ukraine),
• Oleksandr KASKO – Chief Business Development Officer CASHINFINITY, Company “IBS.” (Ukraine),
• Olena DMYTRIEVA – First Deputy Chairman of the Board of JSC Bank “GLOBUS”,
• Ihor PRYSTINSKY – Head of the Banking Security Department of PIRAEUS BANK ICB

And also the participants of the PANEL DISCUSSION on the topic “WAR AND BANKS: FEATURES OF WORKING WITH CASH” were:
• Moderator – Olena KOMASHKO – Director of the banknote business department of PJSC “CB “AKORDBANK”,
• Tetyana KOSTYUCHENKO – Head of the Department of Cash Management at the National Bank of Ukraine and Banks of Ukraine, Department of Money Circulation of the NBU,
• Nataliya KOSENKO – Deputy Chairman of the Board of JSC “PUMB”,
• Viktor GARKUSHA – Director of the department of cash circulation, collection and transportation of funds JSC “Raiffeisen Bank”,
• Tetyana TRUSH – Head of the Department of Cash Circulation and Cash Operations of JSC “Ukreximbank”
• Oleg PROKHODA – Director of the Banknote Business Department of Alfa-Bank (Ukraine),
• Oleksandr ONISHCHENKO – Deputy General Director of CIT Security.

UKRAINIAN CASH FORUM is definitely a great opportunity for business networking and expanding the boundaries of your business, as well as an opportunity to quickly and effectively “enrich” with the successful experience of colleagues in the implementation and use of new banking technologies that appear on the money market every day!

See you next year on the wings of our VICTORY!

Yours faithfully,

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