On June 25, 2020, the VI International Online Conference “SECURITY AND PROTECTION OF BUSINESS. RISKS OF PANDEMIC” was held. The Conference was organized by Business-Format

The main topic for discussion was the practical experience of building and effective work of the security service in the current realities.

Within the framework of the conference program, actual speeches of the following speakers were made: 

  • Alexander Tarasenko, Director of Consulting Services for Financial Crime and Fraud Investigations, KPMG
  • Vyacheslav Mikhailovsky, Head of Security Service, METRO Cash & Carry
  • Anatoly Skorodumov, Head of Information Security Department, Bank Saint Petersburg 
  • Dmitry Likhov, Head of the Anti-Corruption Policy and Internal Security Department, Security and Management Department, O’KEY LLC 
  • Anastasia Konopleva, President of ISACA Kyiv Chapter, ranked among the 50 MOST INFLUENCED WOMEN in Europe on cybersecurity in 2019 
  • Alexey Pleshkov, Independent Information Security Expert
  • Sukhrob Kurbonov, Audit Director, Alfa-Bank

At the end of the program, a rich Panel Discussion was held, moderated by Vyacheslav Mikhailovsky, Head of Security Service, METRO Cash & Carry. 


Mikhail Frolov, Deputy Head of the Security Department of Privatbank

Vyacheslav Puzanov, Head of the Transaction Monitoring Center First Ukrainian International Bank 

Pavel Krylov, Head of Online Fraud Counteraction at Group-IB, answered important questions: 

  • New challenges of the time for the Chief of Security Service. How has the COVID-19 quarantine affected business security processes? 
  • Personnel security. Recommendations for companies when organizing remote work of personnel in order to reduce the risks of fraud and information leakage
  • What are the forecasts and recommendations for 2020. The main risks for business security, what to prepare for and how to resist? 

In the unanimous opinion of the participants, this conference is an important platform for the exchange of experience between professionals from the CIS countries.


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