March 20, 2024

About the event

We invite you to take part in the international ONLINE Forum “AML & KYC IN DIGITAL WORLD”, which will be held on March 20, 2024 in ONLINE format.

During the event, we will bring together experts and professionals from different countries to exchange experiences, discuss best practices and develop strategies for effective work in the context of the rapid development of the Fintech industry and digitalization of financial processes. This forum will provide a unique opportunity to discuss topical issues of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and KYC in the digital world.


The event will be useful to: Banks, financial and insurance companies, organizations participating in payment systems, acquiring and clearing companies; professional securities market participants, investment companies and asset management companies; stock exchanges and other companies that are required to carry out financial monitoring.

Relevance of the event. The nature of money laundering has changed significantly over the past few years. Digital assets and electronic money have opened up more opportunities for the transfer of illicit funds. The conditions of modern banking also require the abandonment of anonymity of transactions and ensuring the transparency of transactions. Thus, legislation aimed at combating money laundering has also changed. AML/KYC regulations require banks and other financial institutions to understand who their customers are and what kind of transactions they carry out, so today AML & KYC is essential to operate the financial markets more securely when carrying out various financial transactions.

What awaits you at the forum this year:

  • 10+ reports with real cases in the field of AML/KYC,
  • 7+ hours of useful content and 100% practical experience,
  • Report materials in electronic form,
  • Access to the broadcast for another 2 weeks after the end of the Forum,
  • Personalized Certificate of participation in the online conference.

We invite you to join the Forum to learn new trends, share your experiences and participate in discussions that will help us better understand the challenges and opportunities facing us in the field of AML and KYC in the digital world!

Sincerely, Anna Kolomeets  CEO “Business-Format Group”

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Speakers - 2024

*Key topics for discussion at the forum this year:

• International AML/CFT standards. FATF Recommendations – 2023/2024.
• Global control system for compliance with regulatory requirements in the field of AML/KYC. Is there a solution to simplify the verification process?
• International sanctions and sanctions regimes. How to check sanctions lists?
• Effective use of the world’s leading data verification technologies to create KYC verification tools.
• The evolution of the Bitcoin regulatory landscape. Review of world practice and nuances of the international cryptocurrency market.
• What is known about the regulation of crypto platforms in Ukraine.
• Use of cryptocurrency in criminal activities: problems of counteraction. What is the difference between KYC and AML for cryptocurrencies?
• Institutional level AML and KYC procedures to transform cryptocurrency into the financial system for users around the world.
• Features of providing information about beneficiaries and who are high-risk clients? Procedures for identifying transactions subject to mandatory control.
• What a KYC/AML specialist should know and be able to do and “red flags” for a KYC/AML officer
• Problems of protecting personal data in the process of combating money laundering.

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  • When paying before 20.03.2024 – “late bird” – 170 euros
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