On March 30, 2023, the international ONLINE Forum “AML & KYC IN THE DIGITAL WORLD -2023” was successfully held. This year, the Forum was attended by 80+ Heads of specialized departments of banks and financial market participants from Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan and Latvia. Speakers from Germany, Great Britain, Hong Kong and Luxembourg also took part in the forum program.

In the program of the conference, presentations were made by:

Financial monitoring in Ukraine: key rules and changes that await business this year.

Speaker: Viktor SHULGA Partner at Hard Skills Consulting (Ukraine), Corporate Investigation and Security Specialist. Certified Compliance officer.

AML in the field of digital assets. Features of the “Know Your Customer” and “Know Your Transaction” procedures for financial and fintech companies.

Speaker: Timur MUSIN – Compliance and Ethics Director at BTS Digital Ventures (Kazakhstan). Expert in the field of creating compliance and AML / CFT systems in various organizations (banks, fintech, brokerage, leasing and IT companies).

Win-win strategy when creating software products for AML/CFT: between business and the regulator.

Speaker: Oksana GUBINA – Head of AI Fintech RegTech projects, СEO AML.point, expert in risk management and assessment, certified specialist in financial monitoring.

Transaction Laundering is the art of hiding money.

Speaker: Ganna POPOVICH – Senior Business Development Manager at Web Shield (Germany). Web Shield is the official provider of Mastercard merchant monitoring services.

Implementation of Big Data (Data science), machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in the field of AML/KYC.

Speaker: Magamed IRBAIEV – Business Development Director of EastNets Europe S.A. (Luxembourg)

How to protect businesses from cooperation with sanctioned companies and find beneficiaries and their assets.

Speaker: Mikhail KOLTSOV – Head of Training and Development at YouControl, World Bank consultant in the field of cybersecurity and data analysis.

Compilation of basic AML/CFT documentation. Examples of bad and good practices.

Speaker: Natalia PLAKHOTINA — Founder of SMART-ADVICE.

Money Laundering Risks And Trends in international transactions. (Basel AML Index 2022. EU AML directives. Blacklists and work with sanctioned countries).

Speaker: Ivanna PILIPYUK – Managing Partner of International Consulting Group

Virtual currencies (VC). Legal status of cryptocurrencies. Their difference from legal tender “legal tender” and electronic money.

Speaker: Valeriy MATYASH — Attorney at Law, Head of the Department of Intellectual Property and Compliance at Fintech Harbor Consulting (Great Britain)

Privacy compliance as a way to build trust with clients.

Speaker: Ekaterina DUBAS — Head of Privacy & Data Compliance Team, CIPP/E “Legal IT roup”

Protection of personal data in the process of combating money laundering. When is the processing of personal data illegal? What data cannot be processed?

Speaker: Olena KOLCHENOGOVA — President of the Digital Ukraine Association, DPO Certified Personal Data Protection Specialist, Head of Personal Data Protection Practice “Nota Group”

Bank client version 3.0. What does he want in the near future?

Speaker: Alexander FEDOTOV – Chief Business Development Officer, Olshansky & Partners Digital Consulting Agency.

The relevance of the event. Over the past few years, the nature of money laundering has changed significantly. Digital assets and electronic money have opened up more opportunities for the transfer of illegal funds. The conditions of modern banking also imply the rejection of the anonymity of transactions and the provision of transparency of transactions. Thus, the legislation aimed at combating money laundering has also changed. AML/KYC regulations require banks and other financial institutions to understand who their customers are and what transactions they conduct, so today AML & KYC are simply necessary for a safer work in financial markets when carrying out various financial transactions.

The indisputable advantage of the Conference is its practical orientation, an excellent opportunity to listen to high-level speakers and exchange experiences with representatives of the professional community!

See you again at Business-Format conferences!

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