On March 15, 2023, the annual International Online Conference “Digital Banking Back -office-2023” was successfully held. The conference was attended by 90+ heads of relevant departments of banks and participants in the financial market from Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Georgia and Uzbekistan.
o COO banks and financial companies
o Heads of Back-office banks and banking technologies and IT departments
o managers for optimization and management of business processes
o operations and operational risks
o as well as multivender companies in the field of automation and digitalization of banking business processes and operations.

Conference speakers:

 Technological transformation of the Back Office as a guarantee of the bank’s operational efficiency and its prerequisites.

Speaker: Roman LESNIKOV – Senior Manager, Business Consulting Caucasus and Central Asia “Ernst and Young Advisory LLC” (Uzbekistan)

 New Law on payment services: changes and opportunities for banks.

Speaker: Elena DMITRIEVA – First Deputy Chairman of the Board of JSC Bank “GLOBUS”

 Tools for implementing innovations in the bank’s operating model

Speaker: Ilya KLIMOVICH – Deputy Chairman of the Board of PJSC “MTB Bank”

 Creation of a single accounting and operational space in the bank and increasing the efficiency of the banking business. 

Speaker: Bohdan Fedorushchenko – Deputy Chairman of the Board JSC COMINBANK  (Commercial Industrial Bank)

Digital customer journey and end-to-end automation of business processes from the front to the back office to improve the quality of customer service.

Speaker: Maxim MASIUK – Head of Digital Small Business Development Department of PUMB JSC (First Ukrainian International Bank)

Automation of bank customer verification processes. Possible problems and ways to solve them.

Speaker: Mikhail KOLTSOV – Head of Training and Development at YouControl, World Bank consultant in the field of cybersecurity and data analysis.

 Digital transformation of the bank and the role of the Chief Data Officer (CDO) in the data management process.

Speaker: Irina ROMANENKO – Data Governance Expert, Senior Data Modeler, Erste Group AG (Austria)

 Bank client version 3.0. What does he want in the near future?

Speaker: Alexander FEDOTOV – Chief Business Development Officer, Olshansky & Partners Digital Consulting Agency 

VISA B2B Connect in Ukraine. BISbank experience.

Speaker: Vitaliy VOROTNIKOV – Director of the Project Office of JSC “Bank of Investments and Savings” (Ukraine)

Artificial intelligence (AI) in automating the work of the Bank’s Back Office.

Speaker: Andrey MATVIYCHUK – Founder and General Director of INTELSOFT Company, Doctor of Economics, Professor, General Director of the KNEU Science Park (Ukraine)

Digitization of the back office: where to start and why the right combination of technologies is crucial.
Speaker: Safar SAFAROV – Data Center Channel Presales, North Eastern Europe, “Dell Technologies” (Azerbaijan)

Antifraud for banks and financial institutions using AI/ML tools.

Speaker: Pavel SIDELOV – Chief Technology Officer “” (fintech banking), expert of the “Ukrainian Fintech Association”

The secure product is not only a secure application and database.

Speaker: Vitaliy YAKUSHEV – CEO of 10Guards, a cybersecurity consulting company.

Electronic document management is the basis for the digitalization of banking services.

Speaker: Oleksandr VERNIGORA – Director of the company “Intecracy Deals”, head of the IT Committee of the “Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs”

The relevance of the event. The back office is the CENTER for managing all banking operations of any financial institution, and for the full and complete operation of the bank, it is important to correctly set up all the processes and technologies of the back office and make them more structured, reliable and efficient in order to meet the realities of the time, the requirements of the financial market and quickly changing customer needs. Therefore, today all current digitization initiatives in Banks are primarily aimed at the back office, since it is there that there is a large untapped potential for a significant reduction in various operating costs and banking costs. Also, by investing in digital technologies and modernizing the back office, Banks solve at least two more tasks: economic efficiency and financial sustainability!

The indisputable advantage of the conference is its practical orientation, a great opportunity to listen to high -level speakers and exchange experience with representatives of the professional community!

We are glad to be of service to you and look forward to seeing you at the conference!

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