March 5, 2024

About the event

We invite you to take part in the III International Conference “DIGITAL BANKING FRONT & BACK-OFFICE”, which this year will be held on March 5 in ONLINE format. At the conference, we will traditionally bring together leading experts in the banking industry to discuss current topics in the development of digital technologies and optimization of banking processes in banks.

What awaits you at the forum this year:

  • 10+ reports with real cases in the field of digital banking,
  • 7+ hours of useful content and 100% practical experience,
  • PDF materials in electronic form + Access to the broadcast for another 2 weeks after the end of the Forum,

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Anna Kolomeets  CEO “Business-Format Group”

tel:+380675627668 (Viber, Telegram, Whatsapp),

Speakers - 2024

*Key topics for discussion at the forum this year:

  • Digital banking system: synthesizing technological innovation and supporting continuous change.
  • Frontal revolution of banking offices. From digital strategy to execution.
  • Using AI for operational improvements in a bank. Examples of using ChatGPT in the banking of the future.
  • Chat GPT for banks and fintech companies: Optimizing operations. New level of customer service. Deeper work with data.
  • The practice of creating a unified accounting and operational space in a bank. How to solve the problem of flexible software integration of front-middle and back-office in a bank?
  • Back Office modules. Flexibility. Scalability. Integration. Hidden reserves.
  • Advanced business logic – as functionality for adapting business processes in the back office.
  • Microservice architecture. Possibility of connecting your own front office to a ready-made solution for a digital bank.
  • Realities and possibilities of front office work in a bank. What can a CRM system provide?
  • Secrets of front office resiliency. Multi-block architecture. How it works?
  • Front office and lending automation solutions. Automated routing and decision making system.
  • Automation of business processes for opening/closing legal entity accounts based on Machine Learning technology using RPA technology.

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Conference PARTNERS

Participation fee for 1 participant ONLINE

  • When paying before 20.01.2024 – “early bird” – 130 euros SOLD OUT!
  • When paying before 20.02.2024 – standard cost – 150 euros
  • When paying before 05.03.2024 – “late bird” – 170 euros
  • For collective applications – ACTION 1 + 1 = 3!

(!) Full payment of the registration fee must be made before the start of the Conference.

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